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KP x Melbourne Retail Festival

In a gorgeous marketplace of high fashion, established labels and emerging brands, Kortni Portia took her style, sass and decadent collection to the next level.


Last month, Kortni Portia took her timeless Devotion collection over to Melbourne for her very first retail trade show. The Melbourne Retail Festival is a premium fashion trade event, where designers can connect with buyers and wholesalers and showcase their latest pieces - and it was a fabulous experience!

The vibe at the event was electric - there’s nothing like being surrounded by other people who share the same overwhelming passion for the industry you’re in.


“The overall experience taught me a lot about who I am as a designer and what direction I want to go in. It reinforced my confidence and my pride in my label. Now, more than ever, I know who I am, and what I stand for. I’m not changing aesthetic to suit others.” - Kortni


Through the showcase, we also gained a lot of positive feedback about the Devotion collection, and really got a chance to connect with our clientele, and understand them on a deeper level. The Celeste Jumpsuit, Lucy Top and Leighton Pant were absolute favourites - and you can shop them now on our online store!


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