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It’s a new year and a new decade and to celebrate, we wanted to do a brand new photoshoot. Kortni Portia has really grown over the years and is finally stepping into it’s true DNA; the retro luxury aesthetic. To showcase this, we thought we would go back through the KP archives and bring back all of your favourite designs, ranging from our very first collection to last year’s Lavish Collection, as well as a few completely new pieces.


   Patricia dress 
Bowbie top & Brooklyn pant


Taking the name & a bit of inspo from the 2013 film The Bling Ring, this shoot was all about that luxury lifestyle, retro energy, the glitz and the glamour - we’re talking bold colours, sequins, statement earrings and colour-blocking. We were lucky enough to find the perfect, art-deco styled venue - Little Big House on Grey Street. It’s a renovated and heritage-listed Queenslander (originally known as “Collins Place”) built in 1889. 


The shoot was all about that retro-style. By definition, retro refers to new things that display characteristics of the past; this is exactly what defines the Kortni Portia brand, vision and woman. Kortni shared a couple of her favourite tips to help you style your own KP pieces at home, and bring a little bit of the fashionable past into your current wardrobe: 

Kortni’s Retro Styling Tips

1. 1970s Metallics

1970’s was a popular era for all the glitz and glam. One of the most influential trends was Metallic textiles along side sequins and jumpsuits. Add a splash of Metallic to your next look to exude a modern, futuristic take on retro fashion. Check out the Metallic Glam Top and Edie Skirt to get the look.

2. 1960’s Statement Earrings

Twiggy was and is still known as the fashion icon of her time. A rebellious trend setter of the 1960’s who was at the forefront of MOD fashion. A twiggy revival is now unfolding on 2020 runways across the world. Oversized, colourful and bold mix match earrings are the one of the hottest accessory trends right now. Check out our latest Statement Earrings to get the look.

3. 1960’s The Mini Skirt

The Mini Skirt was a groundbreaking fashion revolution of the 60’s. Representing freedom, sexuality and power. The Mini Skirt is the reliable wardrobe go-to you can style for a range of different looks. Opt for a bold mini you can match with an evening top or casual tee. Shop the latest skirts from Kortni Portia.

4. 1940’s Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts and dresses provide a flattering A line style since 1940’s that remains a classic in today's fashion. For a classy, vintage inspired look with edge, match your pleats with some modern day oversized accessories and a low cut blouse top. Check out the latest in Evening & Occasional Wear.

5. 1970’s Retro Shades

The return of the large retro shades is well in play. 1970’s fashion is skyrocketing on catwalks and magazines across the globe. Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for a range of occasions can be overwhelming. Shopping these items at an affordable price is key if you want to rock each summer look a little different. Check out our new range of Retro Shades.

The Team...

The team was exceptional. We had the best of Brisbane’s models, Georgia Phillips and Annalise McGuire, and Joe Nucifora on photography. Our makeup artist did a fantastic job of the classic retro lipstick shades and bold glitter shadows.

Kortni has great sense and passion for creativity as seen in her garments. It was like the elements of the location, choosing two talented models, an experienced makeup artist and a very calm fashion designer who styled the models gave an element for creative photography. Kortni is not only a beautiful person at heart, she has a very talented ability as one of Brisbane’s best up and coming modern fashion designers. I loved being part of showcasing her work.

Joe, Photographer.

It’s always so easy to compliment Kortni’s designs with the right makeup as her work brings out each girl's individuality and makes us focus on the woman under her beautiful creations. I love working with her and seeing the girls turn her clothes into fashion. It was a fantastic day had by us all at the little big houses .

Joy, Makeup Artist.

The photoshoot for Kortni’s designs at Little Big House was a great shoot. Her styling is on point and made it so easy to get great shots.

Georgia, Model.

Shooting for Kortni's label was a fun experience; the whole team had a wonderful energy about them to match her fun designs and concepts .

Annaliese, Model.

Samantha Haran 
my name is samantha and i am a fashion creative consultant, specialised in fashion journalism, branding, creative content and marketing. i am based in brisbane, australia.


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