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The Lavish Collection

LAVISH is about the glamour. The glitz. The glory.

Decadent nights at Studio 54 on late summer nights, cosmopolitans in hand, high heels on. Sequins and satin at the stroke of midnight. The rebellion within. More than anything, this collection is for the fashion risk taker that lives inside of you. It’s time to let her free.


Kortni has put together these stunning items with high-quality materials, sourced from local and European wholesalers. As always, her items are exquisitely made, with top-tier craftsmanship, ethical materials and a locally-based supply chain. KP is the perfect brand for the conscious fashionista - both stylish and sustainable.

“Seeing the Lavish collection for the first time was invigorating and surreal. It is an absolute bombshell. The colours and materials were designed to be worn out, shown-off. I couldn’t  envision a better collection for the end-of-year season ahead.” Samantha Haran, KP Blog Writer



"I have worked on a few collections by Kortni Portia & her Lavish Collection is simply next level, with just the right amount of glitz teamed with a bad ass babe empowering vibe, it’s truely magical, I’m in love" Shae, Makeup-Artist


Want to get a first view of the collection? Come on down to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Brisbane next week! Kortni Portia will be showing on the 29th of August in the Group 2 Show, held at the gorgeous Howard Smith Wharves venue. It’s sure to be an unforgettable night filled with glitz and glamour - absolutely lavish.
By Samantha Haran

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