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The Revival Collection

Spring/Summer 20-21 Collection

REVIVAL: an act or instance of reviving -
the state of being revived, such as:
(1) renewed attention to or interest in something;
(2) a new presentation or publication of something old.

Lola Electric Satin Dress

The “REVIVAL“ Collection is inspired by the ever-changing time in which we currently live. The world is constantly demanding more from us, demanding different from ask, seducing us to change and alter and adapt and re-become again and again. Survival requires constant resurrection. There is a kind of beauty in that - a beauty in the transience and impermanence of it all. What is true today may be left behind tomorrow.


Cindy B/W Print Skirt

On a more subtle level, REVIVAL is all about our individual journey to self discovery, through constant reinvention and renewal.

This collection draws on bold colours that celebrate and invite joy. It is all about playfulness and flirtation. Once again, Kortni Portia has endeavoured to design new, functional and flattering designs for the modern woman, all whilst maintaining the brand’s retro aesthetic. 

Retro is all about creating something new that is consciously derivative or imitative of trends, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the recent past. This particular collection revives iconic style influences from across the decades - the 60’s mini skirt, 80’s inspired loud prints and the high waisted-flared pant, to name a few. 

The tide of fashion is built from references of the past - one piece tells the story of the thousands that have come before it. Looking back through the history of fashion can remind us of how we got here, and the weight of the present moment.

Madonna One Shoulder Printed Dress

With internationally-prominent designers such as Christopher John Rogers and the latest Laquan Smith collection opting to embrace the beauty of colour, it has never been a better time to immerse yourself in and experiment with the full spectrum of possibilities that the colour wheel presents.  The colour palette for this collection is electric, featuring rich blues, satin white, baby pink and vibrant patterns.

Now, more than ever sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Designer Kortni Portia remained sustainable in her form of production and prepared this Ready To Wear collection on her own from home during this pandemic to ensure a more affordable collection was available to her customers.


Brooklyn Paint Splash Pant & Simmy Lowcut Backless Bodysuit

REVIVAL welcomes those who dare to experiment and
unleash themselves unapologetically.

"I'm reborn in every moment,
so who knows what I'll become."


Brooklyn Blue Zebra Print PantSimmy Lowcut Backless Bodysuit


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